NHL Fantasy Betting


Since hockey is not exactly the most popular sport in the world, there are not many locations for NHL fantasy betting. We have found, however, that there are many online betting sites that do offer the wagering on the NHL fantasy leagues, which will provide you with a number of different options with which you can make money. The NHL fantasy leagues are not only a plausible source of money, but they are primarily a way to have fun. If you have enough know how about the game, you should be able to turn your fun into profit - something most people aim to do their whole lives.

The majority of online sportsbooks do not offer NHL fantasy betting of any kind, but we have managed to find a few that do. We have extensively tested each of these in order to analyze whether or not they offer a sound service, and we have found that they do in fact provide players with top ranked services. We have tested bonuses, deposit methods, and withdrawals of each sports betting site, all the while engaging in the NHL fantasy options that they offer. Even when they do not offer the fantasy leagues, they will allow you to adopt what you know about the sport into the betting types that are available, all to provide you with a way to have fun and win money all at the same time.

U.S. Bonuses Visit
Bodog Sportsbook Yes 10% Unlimited Sportsbook Bonus GO>
Intertops Sportsbook Yes $100 Sportsbook Bonus GO>
BetOnline Sportsbook Yes 45% Match Sportsbook Bonus GO>
5Dimes Sportsbook Yes 50% up to $200 Sportsbook Bonus GO>
DSI Sportsbook Yes 20% up to $500 Sportsbook Bonus GO>



Bodog Sportsbook offers a 10% unlimited Bonus to all new bettors.

Bodog is one online sportsbook that provides their new players with a very large number of different sports betting odds, not the least of which is the NHL. Joining Bodog even carries the advantage of increasing your bankroll by 10% right off the bat, which will give you an extra kick to take the the lines. You will see that Bodog covers every aspect of hockey, including the Grand Salami - a total score bet on the number of goals scored throughout the entire week. Bodog and the NHL go hand in hand, and you will see this when you look at their extensive gambling options surrounding the sport. Bodog will allow you uto deposit with credit cards and e-wallets, and all of the options are dependent on where you live.



BetOnline gives new bettors an incredible bonus of 25% to $900 on every deposit!

Joining up with BetOnline is also a wise choice for anyone looking to get a little extra boost for putting money on NHL betting odds as they provide their users with one of the best bonuses on the market. BetOnline gives their players a match of 25% to $900 on every deposit you make. BetOnline also carries a cash back bonus in the event that you lose, as they provide a gambler's rebate twice a year. BetOnline backs the entire NHL season, so you can fully expect to find everything you need with NHL Fantasy Betting as the season rolls on. Finally, BetOnline is very easy to use and this includes deposits. BetOnline has a multitude of deposit methods set up to make transferring funds into your account one of the easiest propositions found anywhere.